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High-Performance Machines Made in India

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Pioneer Automation offers a full line of Indian-made products for all your machining needs. And high-quality Pioneer machines are engineered for simple maintenance, easy setup, and low-cost operation.

How it all Started...

Manhar Dholakia founded Pioneer Automation, in 2006 to manufacture the industry's first Automatic Keyway Milling machine, the new concept of keyway process in P9 tolerance with very user friendly and economic solution designed to increase the productivity with single setting and high accurate jobs.
In 2009, Pioneer automation achieved another milestone, by introducing the machines like Centre cutting & Drilling Machine & Face Milling Machines are available in affordable price.
In 2018, we introduce the new model of Automatic Keyway Milling Machine with Servo mechanism in Spindle working.
Pioneer Automation is an established player in the keyway milling market and the original innovator for large-volume keyway milling solutions in India. we offer a wide range of Special Purpose Machines (SPM) including Automatic Keyway Milling Machines, Face Milling Machines, Centre Cutting & Drilling Machine, End-Mill Cutter Grinder and many more. These machines are categorized as SPM built for operating the exact application of parts that need to processed or machined.
Over a decade now Pioneer Automation are the most reliable name and top tier machine tooling company in the industry across India. Further, we can also configure and customize design as per your exact requirements.

Our Mission

Our Mission

  1. Our mission is to cater better machines to the engineering industry for its basic operations and turn out to be the World’s Leader.
  2. Our purpose leads to the advancement of technology in machine tool arena and thus contributing the comfort and enhancement to the existence of human life.
  3. Seeks always to be considered as the major contributor to the society economically and culturally.
  4. Dedicated to the development of technology through scientific excellence and innovations.
  5. Fostering a spirit of continuous learning and innovation.
  6. To offer world class products through continuous innovation.

Our Team

Our Team

Manhar Dholakia


Manhar Dholakia is founder of Pioneer Automation, a SPM machine manufacturer. Manhar Dholakia graduated from Gujarat University in 1976 with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. In 2006, Mr. Manhar introduced first Automatic Keyway Milling Machine (PKM), a machine designed specifically by machinist for machinists.

Mira Dholakia is a Business Development Manager who has been with Pioneer for 10 Years. Thanks to her extensive involvement in all things Pioneer, from Engineering to the workshop to machine assembly, Mira is uniquely qualified to tackle the most in-depth topics you will come across in your workshop.

Umesh Sondagar

Designated Partner (KM-LLP)

Umesh Sondagar is designated partner of Keyway Machinery LLP, Product and technical Specialist.



Trademark Registered

Pioneer Automation, has completed the trademark process that is required to affix the "R" mark to our products. We declare, in sole responsibility, that all Pioneer Automation products, options and accessories comply with the regulations as outlined in India.

ISO Certification

Pioneer Automation has been assessed for conformance with the provisions set forth by ISO 9001:2015
Scope of Registration: Design and Manufacturer of Special Purpose Machine.

  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified company
  • Equipped with advance measuring instruments for stage & final product inspection.
ISO 9001:2015

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