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Automatic Key Way Milling Machine (PSA)

This is an automatic key-way milling machine specially designed for making key-ways on shafts. It is robustly design SERVO Mechanism to achieve precise key-ways at high production. In this machine depth of cut is controlled by SERVO MOTOR and the shaft is clamped with self-centering vice.
The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) provides automatic feed with variable depth of cut as per stroke requirement. At desired final depth, the machine gets automatically stopped with instant sound of buzzer and spindle automatically reaches to its home position.

  1. The overall Machine Operation handled with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  2. Easily achieve P9 Tolerance
  3. Depth of cut can be controlled by SERVO Mechanism
  4. Touch Screen HMI provides smooth operation and user friendly job settings
  5. Self-centering vice is used for holding the shaft or job
  6. Very easy setting of length for making Key-way
  7. Silent working & smooth cutting of key-way
  8. Easy to operate for any lay-man person
  9. Very easy operating compared to lathe machine or conventional milling machine
  10. Maintenance free machine
  1. Tablet Die-punch (Pharmaceutical) industry
  2. Gearbox, Submersible Pump & Electric Motor Manufacturers
  3. Textile, Printing & Packaging Machinery Manufacturers
  4. Engineering Job Works
  5. Machine Tool Industry


Max. Spindle Speed :
2000 RPM
400-3500 RPM
200-3800 RPM
Table Feed :
0-0.6 mtr./Min.
0-0.6 mtr./Min.
0-0.6 mtr./Min.
Shaft Diameter :
9 mm - 60 mm
9 mm - 85 mm
9 mm - 100 mm
Max. Length of Key-Way :
5 mm - 150 mm
5 mm - 200 mm
5 mm - 250 mm
Key-Way Size :
3 mm - 14 mm
3 mm - 16 mm
3 mm - 20 mm
Depth of Cut :
0.1 to 0.3 mm
0.1 to 0.3 mm
0.1 to 0.3 mm
Standard Collet :
Coolant Pump :

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