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This is an automatic face milling machine specially designed for cutting a flat surface perpendicular to the axes of the milling cutter. This process removes the material by rotating the facing tool in the counterclockwise direction as the table feeds the workpiece across the cutter. It is robustly design to achieve precise flat surface at high production. The workpiece is clamped with self-centring vice. At desired achieving flat surface on workpiece, machine gets automatically stopped with instant buzzer.

  1. Automatic table feed for cutting workpiece flat surface
  2. Self-centring vice is used for holding the workpiece
  3. Silent and smooth working operation
  4. Easy to operate any lay-man person
  5. User friendly operation compared to lathe machine.
  6. Maintenance free machine
  1. Pharmaceutical Industry
  2. Gearbox, Submersible Pump &Electric Motor Manufacturers
  3. Textile, Printing & Packaging Machinery Manufacturers
  4. Engineering Job Works


Possible workpiece length :
upto 1000mm
upto 1000mm
Workpiece admitted dia. in vice :
upto 40mm
upto 60mm
Spindle speed :
upto 1000 RPM
upto 1000 RPM
Clamping system :
Self Centring Vice
Self Centring Vice
Coolant Pump :

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